Gal Amiram

Dear Germany 

Documenta 15, Kassel, Germany

Dear Germany was a letter I wrote in response to Germany’s actions against BDS supporters and Pro Palestinian movements in recent years, condemning them as Anti Semitic.  

undocumenta was a joint project between Grayson Earle, Tee Topor, and Chris Rogy. The three met as members of The Illuminator art collective based in New York City. The Illuminator is a guerrilla video projection collective that projects images, videos, and texts of protest on site-specific architecture around the world.
Activated by ruangrupa’s invocation for Documenta 15, lumbung, which translates from Indonesian to a "communal rice barn", They sought to extend the narrative theme of collective sharing and nourishment to the public. Their goal was to cultivate a community of artists from varied lived experiences and cultural contexts, to provide a platform for their stories to be shared with the audiences of Documenta in Kassel, Germany.